Diving Courses

Corsi subacquei Sicilia-ssi-scuba schools International-Blunauta Diving Center

“Loving your work and always wanting to convey a boundless passion to everyone”.


Starting from this goal, we develop many types of diving courses, which are more suited to the needs of individual requests. We are supported by SSI (Scuba School International), a global agency with the highest standards of teaching in the international field and of ISO quality certified underwater certifications valid in all parts of the world.
Before starting an underwater course, we like to empathize with those who want to undertake this new experience, to understand their wills, motivations and to grasp the true meaning of this choice; all this to embark on a journey that with dedication, professionalism and safety will be brought to an end in the best possible way.
Thanks to the location of the diving, the approach to the sea and the diving equipment will be comfortable and gradual, respecting the time of settling in a new world and all to be discovered.


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