“I toured Sicily far and wide, including the various archipelagos such as: Aeolian islands, Egadi, Pelagie, Pantelleria and Ustica, finding a sea that is always different and interesting. Along these shores, in my wanderings, a place had escaped me, never thinking of sea depths so important and full of sea life as I then discovered: my attention had never fallen on the sea of Capo Milazzo. A sea different from the others, also different from that of the – nearby and certainly better known – Aeolian Islands.

I am immediately told that there are two major shoals in the sea of Capo Milazzo. We dive with the Blunauta diving center to understand the state of conservation of the sites, learn more about the morphology of the seabed and take notes to sketch the morphology of the various dive spots, devoting a special attention to the main biological and ecological features .. ]

[.. It is not easy to fully know this sea. We need to dedicate the right care, diving in the same places several times to catch the differences in every season and at different times of the day; we started a research project aimed both at the protection of the sea and to identify the most interesting dive spots forthe more sensitive divers and true Mediterranean lovers …] Francesco Turano

The workshop is dedicated to underwater naturalistic photography as a tool of artistic interpretation and scientific documentation, with the prestige of having Francesco Turano, a well-known underwater photographer and naturalist, to teach and transmit his longstanding experience in this field.

The main goal is to learn how to take underwater pictures, both to know the sea and the sea life, and to make it known to those who do not dive using these pictures.

The workshop is aimed both at those who photograph for fun with any type of camera, and also to more experienced photographers who want to deepen scientific knowledge and understand how to deal with an optimal approach to the different marine; without ever forgetting the artistic and interpretative aspect and the search for the aesthetic sense in representing what we photograph.



    The first day we will talk about how to deal with diving as a nature photographer or as a diver who wants simply to know the sea while having fun with his camera. The planning of dives, the photographic equipment to be used, the knowledge of underwater environments and biodiversity, will be some of the topics of the workshop to understand how to move and act as an underwater photographer in the Mediterranean Sea.

    On the second day, at first we will speak of the individual animal species that can be encountered in the Mediterranean, to understand how to approach each of them, in what period of the year, in what place, at what time of the day. This will be a fundamental step to enter a world where the knowledge of marine biology allows us to take pictures of the wonderful sea life!

    The third day we will deal with the interpretive and artistic aspect of underwater photography, analyzing the main rules of the composition, and discussing how to play with natural and artificial light to obtain picturesshowing the sea life and seascapes in the most beautiful and aesthetically appealing way.

    Finally, after trying to put into practice during the dives what was discussed in the theoretical classes, we will analyze the obtained shots, and we will compare ourselves to better understand how to proceed and improve our skill in this wonderful activity, which can be used to raise awareness of the beauties of the Sea in order to contribute to protect the environment and biodiversity.

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