Francesco Turano

Professional photographer, naturalist, partner and author of the photos on our web site … he represents added value to the BLUNAUTA team!”.

“With Francesco Turano was immediately understood character and professional! Honored to have met the one who has always represented a guide in the field of marine biology, today represents the reference point for the knowledge of the peculiarities of these waters. It was enough to live together the first dive in the depths of Capo Milazzo to consolidate our collaboration. United by a boundless passion for the Mare Nostrum, the “hunger” to discover and spread has never stopped.

One of the results of all this intense work, which sees us living the sea in all seasons to grasp its true meaning, was the creation of this site, where through its wonderful photographs and its underwater maps, created entirely by hand , the depths of Capo Milazzo have acquired the value they deserve.

Thank you so much Francesco! ”

Telefono: +39 331 4517450

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